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Are you time poor due to undertaking the entire operation of the business?


Are you wading through antiquated and inadequate systems?


Always having to jump in to solve every single problem yourself?


Work coming through the door, but still not getting ahead financially

Learn how to successfully increase productivity, increase profit and free yourself up!

Learn how to work

Introduction – Module 1 Training 

Prepare for Business Success

Set the foundations for business success – personal and business


  • Get Your Mindset Right – think financial return on investment
  • Time Management – controlling your calendar
  • Aim Higher – your Vision & Values, short & long terms goals & required actions to achieve
  • Your ‘A-Team’ – who do you need on your team

Introduction – Module 2 Training

Knowing Your Numbers – Earn More Work Less

Understand the power of knowing your numbers – deliver financial return on investment.

  • Knowing your numbers – what you NEED to know, focus on profit
  • Winning profitable work – understanding the power of %
  • Planning for Profit – what does it cost to run your business & pricing for profit
  • Cash Flow – identify process & forecasting

Invest your time wisely & improve performance of your business.

Which type of roles within your business would the training assist in improving performance?

  • Business owners and partners
  • Office manager, supervisor, foreman
  • Team members with potential to grow within the business

Find the Course That’s Right For You

The Results Speak for Themselves 


“Fantastic training! Now I have direction. I am using the tools and they are great. Now in control of our business. Most amazing thing I have attended. It will be a life changer.”

“Profit and cash flow has now improved enormously! Have now employed a new tradesman moving Brett off tools enables him to spend more time ON the business – no longer at night. Improved family life all-round!! All exciting – looking at growing the business within 3 years rather than 10 years – we now have the confidence to grow.”

“Now have direction…using the tools provided and are great…now in control of my business.”

“Very happy with the changes made to the business since the training – big thank you.”

“Very important information…now working smarter and thinking differently about the business.”

Increased confidence as a leader delivers improved performance

Upcoming Events 

Module 1

Module 2

What are the Business Training outcomes you will take away?

Your Business 

✓ Operate with a ‘Business Mindset’ means build a business that supports you the owner – not tradie mindset where the owner supports the business!

✓ Develop a vision to design a business that will deliver profit, generate financial wealth, and provide a lifestyle of choice

✓ Prioritising time to work ON the business – invest time in the areas that provide the greatest financial return 

More Profit 

✓ Calculate your business breakeven point – what does it actually cost you to operate your business

✓ Price for profit – develop charge out rates based on you achieving your financial goals

✓ The power of margins – focus on the 1% to drive profit

✓ How to understand your financial scorecard 


✓ Process will set you free – process supports your team to succeed

✓ What gets measured gets done – motivation for the team to bring their ‘A-Game’ every day to drive productivity

✓ Team must believe in the purpose of your business – 100% buy in 


✓ ‘Clarity Control Confidence’ enables strong leadership

✓ 100% belief in this is ‘the way we do it here’ – non-negotiable

✓ Attract great customers and team members

✓ Build a successful business 

Find the Course That’s Right For You

Everything you need to know about 


How many seats are available per training session?

  • Each training session is limited to only 40 attendees – this includes you and any team members you want bring along to the training.

What are the timings for the training?

  • Training including breaks goes for 3 hours

How to Book a Seat at the Business Training?

To guarantee a seat BOOK NOW!

What Information does an Attendee Receive After the Training?

1. You will have access to business tools, information and consulting services

2. You will receive a complimentary Business Assessment with an expert business coach

Reece Business Training is developed and delivered by Cube Performance 

Who Is Cube Performance?

The methodology and principles presented throughout the training are based on founder Matthew Jones’s unique 25 year business and sporting background – from owning and operating a trade business for seven years in the early 1990’s; through to spending 10 years working within multinational corporations in management roles; through to World Champion paddler and Olympic Champion coach.

Since 2007 Cube Performance has developed and delivered 100’s of relatable business training workshops to 10,000’s business owners. The training is tailored to industry tradespeople based on first-hand experience with a clear aim:

Change MINDSET to change THINKING to change RESULTS!

Using our blend of sports, business and life experiences we deliver a unique, inspiring and empowering experience to deliver intensive training to get business leaders, owners, and staff to initiate change immediately to achieve measurable improvements.